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Coin Gutter Live!  On November 4th, 9PM, witness the return of the c-gut. We plan on hitting hard - dropping some Balkan beats with an Aegean Sea inspired set. We're also playing with the Automatic Message, J Garrett and more. Awesome. Details below.

Tickets: $5-10 sliding scale
Doors: 9pm
First Act Starts at 9PM Sharp!

THE AUTOMATIC MESSAGE (live a/v, Techno + Experimental)
J GARRETT (live Dub and Techno) with DERMOT GLENNON (live visuals)
ROSS BIRDWISE (live Experimental Drone and Minimal Techno) + SORESSA
GARDNER (live voice) with VICTOR BALLESTEROS (visuals) + LUCIANA D'ANUNCIACAO (performance artist).
COIN GUTTER (live Balkan Retro).

Coin Gutter in the U.K.   But not in person. We're pretty proud to be part of the UK's first Sonic Art Gallery, and part of their first event. It's called SoundFjord and we are one of 50 international artists that will be played during the opening night. Check out their website, and next time you're in London, do more than switch plans at Heathrow.

Asthmatics Of Failure   We've been tweeted about, reviewed, added to podcasts, and even remembered for our performance at Mutek (in 2003! At least not everyone was drunk, emma). That's a whole lot of nice in a short span of time. Check it out.

Brand New Album from Coin Gutter   Panospria, in cahoots with our old pals at No Type, have released coin gutter's latest creation: Asthmatics Of Failure. Download it here for free. Don't forget to donate if you like it, and if you don't want to donate, drop us an email and tell us what you think

New Coin Gutter Track   It's actually really old coin gutter, but with the new words of Catherine Cormier-Larose. She hails from our most lovely province, and has put her own stamp on our old work. With her tongue. Ahem.

click here and scroll down to the track called "Sans titre 2"  


Hear us You can listen to us at these fine locations on the internet:
CBC Radio 3
Last FM

Glorious Reviews by beautiful people.

Stylus Magazine weighs in on Truth Lifting its Head Above Scandals

Igloo Mag picks up on the rarest of coin gutter releases

We where going for more of a "leaving the listener deaf" on this one, but the reviewer uses the slightly more ambiguous "stunned".

Massive Success Here's a link to a random chart. Look! for a brief moment in time we where bigger (coming in at 60 in the top 200 national charts) than Neil Young(72), the Flaming lips(74), and final Fantasy(78).

Here, we're #5. But only on the experimental charts. Nobody cares about that shit.

A film we didn't really know about until we googled it: Click here do download information on this work in .pdf


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